Reading Digest 02

So, I've been reading (again, yes), and here are some links that I think your could find useful and interesting. Remember — keep studying, yet strive to learn!

The Useful

Managing a Mind — a very sincere and open confession with a way forward, how our virtual presence can cause a very real crisis in our psyche. Even though it is not a specific to-do list, still I find that being aware about such issues can be of huge practical use for us.

Gov.UK Design Principles — surprised to see a government agency take such a straight-forward no-BS approach. Good example for all of us. I especially like their VAT page screenshot, how they identified the single number most users will be looking for and just put it at the top, in huge font (the concept of “desire paths” is also mentioned, and it is a fun thought to look into)

JavaScript: Taking off the training wheels — right, I am guilty of being somewhat un-learned in the deeper concepts of JavaScript, so this is a nice overview of what I or any person in a similar position might want to try next, to strengthen their footing.

ALA's style guide — what is it with me liking to read (at least skim over) style guides? I like to see a clear structure laid out, which should help anyone joining the team quickly get onboard. So this is a neat read, though looks like outdated (I couldn't find their article headings in H2, so there).

The Interesting

The flow fallacy — I don't fully agree with this, yet this is a nice and thoughtful alternative-angle look. Of course all developers want their rooms, don't want anyone to ever bother them, and… an ice-cream. Or two. Yet working in a team (or working for a customer) means that sometimes you have to step on your wounded introvercy and talk, listen, get interrupted — or even interrupt.

Eldritch: Mountains of Post-Mortem-ness — ah, game development, isn't that why we all picked up the job? Probably not, but still it is very interesting to read an overview of a moderately successful personal project. I really like how this guy approached the task — methodical, meticulous, careful. The financial overview is also enlightening, both the plan and the outcome.

Lots of visual colouring / rendering tutorials — good food for study, if you're into that kind of thing. Or just look at how illustrators approach the task nowadays.

Oculus VR Best Practices document — this is what Neo (Mr.Anderson) was afraid of, and what many of us are looking forward to. Some educating points on this document, about what is required for a good virtual reality experience.

The Inspiring

The Year 2013 In Kickstarter — not only a very well presented, yet also really inspiring to see how the online community comes together to “make things happen” (forgive me the shameless cliche). I am aware that Kickstarter is not all good and perfect, yet its highlights are excellent.

With that in mind — let's make stuff happen! Take care :)


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